Lisa Off the Hook and Online

I picked up a crochet hook a year and a half ago and have barely put it down since. I guess you could say, I am “hooked” to use a bad cliché. What started it was I wanted to make a small gift for Bible group I was in. So I enlisted a friend that crochets and she had me start working chains and single crochets. It was a little confusing since my friend is right-handed and I am left-handed. We worked it out and I was off and hooking! I moved on to left-handed YouTube videos for lefty’s.

My first project was a scarf for my daughter. My friend and I went yarn and hook shopping and I got started. I had to make something for my two granddaughters! So hats were next. Thanks to modern technology they were able to help me pick out yarn by using my camera phone and text messaging.

Then I was off and running! Scarves, Afghans, learning by making squares, Market bags, Chicken and egg hot pads, Shawls, clutch purses, a lot of fun things.

Now the reason for this blog. You are busy with a career, raising a family, or like handmade crafts but just don’t have the time to make handmade crochet. Good news! You can now have handmade crochet without sacrificing your time. I am setting up my online shop and will be selling my handmade crochet items. Sign up to receive updates!

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